Amazon to sell rings made from moon, diamond

Amazon is considering selling rings made out of diamonds.

The online retailer, which is looking to expand its jewelry business, has a partnership with the moon ring company, Moon Ring Inc., to sell diamond rings made of moon and other natural materials.

Amazon is also planning to sell moon and platinum rings, but has yet to specify which materials are part of its proposed plans.

The new partnership would make it possible for Amazon to source moon and diamond rings from other suppliers, according to people familiar with the matter.

Moon Ring and Moon Ring officials declined to comment.

Amazon’s purchase of Moon Ring would mark the third major acquisition in the jewelry business by the online retailer.

Last year, the company acquired The Stone Group, a jewelry maker based in New Jersey.

The company has also begun exploring the possibility of selling jewelry made of other natural and synthetic materials.

In a report earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal cited unnamed sources familiar with Amazon’s jewelry business who said the company is exploring ways to source natural materials such as gold and emeralds.

The moon ring has a ring-shaped diamond that has been mined from the moon since 1966.

Moon Rings, which are usually made of pure gold, are not as rare as other kinds of jewelry, and are generally priced below other popular diamonds, which can sell for up to $100,000.

Moon Ring Inc. said in a statement on Monday that it is in the process of exploring all options for future engagement rings and has not received any formal offer.

The firm’s CEO, Brian Loeffler, is married to actress Eva Longoria, a partner in the LoeFFLER Group, which specializes in wedding and engagement jewelry.

Moon ring rings have a ring shaped diamond that is mined from moon since 1964, according the Moon Ring website.

The rings have been sold by Amazon for about $40,000 each.

Amazon does not make or sell any other diamonds.

Amazon has a long history of buying wedding and other special events from wedding planners.

In 2012, the retailer paid $2.6 billion for the business, which includes wedding photography, catering and other services.

It has also acquired wedding and event rental companies.

Amazon also has a reputation for offering low prices for the high-end wedding-related products, including ring accessories and wedding bands.

Last year, Amazon agreed to pay a $3.9 billion fine in a class-action lawsuit over the pricing of its wedding rings and other items.

The fine was reduced to $1.2 billion in 2015 after a judge dismissed the suit, and the company settled a lawsuit over similar issues last year.

In January, Amazon said it was looking to buy a variety of wedding services, including booking agents, wedding planners and wedding venues.

It also said it would begin selling wedding rings in the U.S. in 2017.

In its statement on the proposed sale of rings made with moon and diamonds, Amazon referred to Moon Ring’s moon ring as “the most unique and beautiful of the moon” and said it had been designed to honor a special person or event.

Amazon previously sold rings made by the moon and earth, which were known for their lightness and hardness.