‘We want to see you in our house’: American women’s engagement ring collection to be auctioned off

Women’s engagement rings have become an increasingly popular item for men and their friends in recent years, and the collection of vintage engagement rings will soon be auctioning off for a limited time.

The Vintage American Ring Auction, which is part of the Vintage America, is set to go up for auction on Tuesday in Los Angeles, according to The Associated Press.

The auction is part.of.

The American Ring, a boutique jewelry store based in Los Angles, Calif., that specializes in antique rings, jewelry and collectibles, said the vintage ring collection is set up for sale to be donated to the charity, The American Ring.

It will be auction by auction at the Vintage American’s Los Angeles headquarters on Tuesday, according the AP.

The collection includes a variety of vintage jewelry from the early 1900s to the early 1990s, the AP reported.

Many of the items in the collection were made by a variety other American companies, including Tiffany & Barbour and Sterling Silver.

The Vintage American has already sold more than 100 pieces of vintage American jewelry to the American Ring charity.

In 2017, the charity donated jewelry worth $50,000 to a charity for the homeless.