The next time you see your wife get a really big boner, call 911 and let her know it’s time to call 911

A woman in Kentucky is accused of having sex with her husband’s dog and then giving the animal a huge boner.

The woman told police her husband was a veterinarian and that the dog’s name was Evil Eye Ring.

She told police she wanted to give the dog a big boned so he could keep her company during his time off from work.

She said she was going to give her husband a lot of attention when she got home from work and that she would want him to cum in the dog.

When the dog got in the house, he bit her on the face and she told police he started to cum inside her.

She ran into the kitchen and found the dog had fallen asleep on the floor and the bloodied dog face was lying on the carpet.

She called police and the dog was taken to the hospital.

She was charged with two counts of animal cruelty and a misdemeanor count of unlawful sexual conduct.