‘I can’t believe I’m being recorded’ on Ring alarm system

A man in India says he was recording his wife’s ring alarm in a room at their home when it rang. 

The woman was at home alone with her young daughter, but her husband said he had been asleep. 

“My wife’s phone was on speaker mode when it started ringing. 

I heard the alarm and went out of the room. 

It was a loud ringing sound, so I thought, ‘Is this her husband’s wife?'” he said.”

I tried to calm her down, but she was crying and said she had just been woken up. 

When I got back to the room, I noticed a red ring on the wall and a woman was standing there, so the alarm was there. 

After a moment, I went to get my wife and tried to stop the ringing, but I was afraid of the woman. 

She had a pistol in her hand, so she threatened me.”

When he confronted her, he said, she fired one round at him. 

He said he shot back twice and then ran out of his house. 

His wife was arrested and he was subsequently charged with firing on his wife. 

 The case has been referred to the police.