How do you win a bull-nosed ring in Draco Malfoy’s ring?

When the New York Giants beat the Indianapolis Colts in the 2016 AFC title game, one of the most memorable moments was when the ball rolled in and Malfoy threw it to the other side of the field.

The ball was then caught by a Colts fan, who threw it back to Malfoy and asked if it was real.

Malfoy was clearly pleased with his victory, but not thrilled with the fan.

“It’s a real piece of history.

I love the ring,” Malfoy told the crowd.

“That’s all I need to say.”

Malfoy has not been shy about expressing his love for the ring, and he made the rounds at the WWE Hall of Fame in January of this year.

He even made a surprise appearance at the 2017 WrestleMania weekend event in Las Vegas, where he joined WWE Hall-of-Famer Diesel to celebrate his induction.