The Seahawks’ Seahawks are set to wear new rings for the Super Bowl title

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Tuesday he wants to wear a ring during the title game against the Atlanta Falcons in New Orleans, but the team has yet to decide whether or not to do so.

Carroll said Monday he hopes to wear the Super Rings of Honor ring.

He’s the first head coach to wear one, and it was unveiled in the same way.

The Seahawks will wear a single white Super Bowl ring and silver Super Bowl rings during the game.

“That’s the only one I have to wear,” Carroll said.

“We’re going to wear whatever we want.

We’re going down the road of what the team wants.

But I’m hoping that I’m able to wear something that’s a little more meaningful to me.”

The Seahawks haven’t yet announced their official rings, but Carroll has said that they will have to wait for the team to get theirs.

The Super Bowl Rings of honor ring is designed to commemorate Super Bowl LI, and is the second-oldest ring in the NFL, following the 2009 Super Bowl Ring of Honor.

The first Super Bowl Super Bowl championship ring was worn by the Atlanta Hawks in 2005.

The last Super Bowl Championship Rings of Glory was worn in 1984 by the San Francisco 49ers.

The team’s first Super, in 1984, was also worn by former San Francisco quarterback Steve Young.

The final championship rings worn by a Super Bowl champion are the rings worn for the 1984 and 1987 championship games.

Seattle’s Ring of Honour Ring: The Seahawks are wearing this ring for their last game of the regular season against the Carolina Panthers, the team announced Tuesday.

It features a Super bowl ring with the Seahawks’ logo on it.

The ring was unveiled at a halftime show at CenturyLink Field on March 9.

The Seahawk’s Ring: This is the ring that the team unveiled during a special event to commemorate the end of the Superbowl season.

It was designed to honor the Seahawks players and coaches who have been the face of the franchise over the years.