How to make a meteorite ring with your kids

A couple of years ago, a group of scientists got together and made a prototype ring.

The ring they made is so small that it only fits one person, and it has an attached magnet that can be used to hold a meteoroid.

The scientists say they’re not sure if they’ve made a true meteorite.

But they did manage to make one that looks very similar to a meteor.

What makes it different is that the ring is made out of two layers of glass.

Each layer has a different composition of glass particles, so it’s really hard to tell the difference between them.

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, also used a combination of lasers and a 3-D printer to make the ring.

They also made the ring out of a metal alloy that is not nearly as reflective as regular glass.

It took them about 18 months to make this prototype, which they call the “meteoroid ring light.”

They say they’ve gotten about 1,000 people to try it out.

And they hope to put it to use in the next few months, when they will send out invitations to a few families to make their own ring.