How to make a Zales engagement ring – RTE

RTE 6/20 A woman who bought a ring that looks like an evil eye on sale for £1,300 has been left with a hole in her ear because she couldn’t get it to stay in place.

The ring, made out of diamond, was bought by Katie Wigley from a jeweller in Ballymun, Co Tipperary, and has a hole where the eye meets the ring’s middle.

It comes with a leather strap, but when Katie got it home she realised it had slipped off.

She contacted RingLink to find out what could be wrong with the ring and was told it could be a loose fit or that it would be too big for the ear.

Katie told RTE: “I was going to wear it everyday and every day I would put it on and I would wear it for about three hours, but every day it just got smaller.”

I was hoping it would get smaller, but the ring would just get smaller and smaller and I wouldn’t be able to wear my earrings.

“RingLink, which specializes in high-quality ring materials, said it was not aware of any problems with the design.

Katie said the ring came with a lifetime guarantee.

Katie says she had already made her choice and would not have bought it if it wasn’t a ring she could wear for the rest of her life.