Can I buy a vibrating ring for my engagement ring?

In a world where we are inundated with new vibrating rings that can measure your heart rate and pulse, we may want to consider buying an affordable engagement ring that can also vibrate and help you feel less stressed and more connected to others.

A study published in the journal PLOS ONE, found that people who bought a vibratory engagement ring were more likely to be satisfied with their rings than those who didn’t buy one, and were also more likely than those with an affordable ring to say they were “more emotionally engaged with the person they are purchasing the ring for.”

[Read more: How to get the most out of a vibrator for a cheap price]The researchers asked 1,800 participants about their relationship status, whether they planned to buy an engagement ring, whether a vibrational ring is a good choice for them, and whether the ring vibrates.

The participants who purchased the most expensive ring were also much more likely, on average, to report that they were more emotionally engaged.

They were also significantly more likely in the first half of the experiment to report having more sexual partners than those that purchased a vibrate ring.

The researchers concluded that a vibrated ring is “a valuable and easy-to-use device that can improve the quality of your relationships.”

It may sound like a simple concept, but a study of thousands of people has shown that even the most basic of personal grooming devices can affect our relationship status.

It’s not a new phenomenon, as previous research has shown how some vibrating devices, such as the vibrator, can have a profound impact on our moods and affect how we see our partners.

But researchers at the University of Toronto found that the vibration-based vibrators were particularly effective in changing people’s mindsets.

“Our study shows that vibrating has a profound effect on our perceptions and behaviour, and it’s not just a simple device that’s good for getting a buzz, but it’s also a powerful way to change our mindsets,” said Dr. Yves Leloup, a psychology professor at the university who led the study.

The findings of the new study are particularly relevant to couples who are trying to find a better balance between physical intimacy and emotional intimacy, said Lelup.

“This is a new way to use technology to help couples to achieve that goal.”

The study found that a “Vibrating Relationship” vibrating engagement ring could increase the intensity of the partner’s connection to you by up to 30 percent, and that people were significantly more emotionally connected to their partner when they purchased a more expensive vibrating device.

In addition, the study found vibrating is a much better choice than other forms of engagement ring for people who are more likely and financially stable.

“It’s a lot more expensive, but that’s because it’s a vibratational ring,” said Laxoup.

“A lot of couples want a ring that feels really good on their finger.

The vibration alone doesn’t have much impact on how much they feel connected to each other.

We know that physical contact is very important for emotional attachment, but vibrating can be a way to create that more emotional connection.”