How to find the perfect butterfly ring for your jostens 6 rings

In this article, we’ll tell you how to find your perfect josten 6 ring.


Find the perfect ring shape: Choose a ring shape that has a good balance between size and thickness.

It should have a soft feel and not be too big or too small.


Measure and size: Measure the ring and determine its diameter.


Cut the ring: Cut the outer edge to size and remove the ring.


Remove the band: Remove the inner band from the ring with a knife or small screwdriver.


Measure the height: Measure and measure the height of the ring at the base of the middle finger, just below the center of the thumb.


Measure from the center: Measure from where the middle of the finger meets the ring’s base.


Measure to the middle: Measure around the ring to determine its height.


Measure through the ring piece: Measure through both sides of the piece to determine the width.


Measure at the top of the neck: Measure just below where the centerline of the band meets the top edge of the crown.


Remove ring: Remove your ring from the crown and discard the ring band.

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