How to get a ring with the most gold in your pocket

The new ring that will replace your old one in your wallet is a smart one that you can actually wear, the Verge reports.

The smart ring, which has a built-in battery, can be used in your pockets and you can even control the ring’s speed with your smartphone, a feature that was added to the device by Apple in the past year.

The ring has a 3D-printed plastic shell and the ring can be easily cleaned, with the help of a cleaning brush and some cleaning powder, according to the Verge.

The price of the ring is $300, which is a lot of money, but the company claims it will be able to make the ring much cheaper by incorporating the technology into future products, the report adds.

The company has yet to announce when the ring will be available, but its likely in the fall of 2018, which means it’s likely available for pre-order soon.