Zales engagement ring is a great deal – but will you spend the $1,500?

The ring from Zales, which is being offered by B&M for a $1.25 million price tag, has been a favorite of mine. 

It is the only ring in the collection, with more than half of the items in the set having been priced at or above $1 million. 

But what makes the ring so great is that it has a very unique design, which makes it unique and a special collector’s item. 

The ring has a rosewood band with an aqua-blue gemstone on the left side and diamonds and sapphires on the right side. 

This ring has the most striking appearance of any of the other rings in the series. 

While it does not have the color of the actual rings, the colors have been changed to match the ring, making it very different from the other items in this collection. 

On the back of the ring is an invitation to a party, the word Zales engraved on it and the date, September 12, 2019. 

When the ring was first announced, I assumed the ring would cost $1 in the United States and would be available to purchase through B&am. 

In fact, the ring has already sold out. 

At the time, I was surprised to see the ring for $1K on eBay. 


M had a $10K offer for the ring and I didn’t see the same offer for $500K. 

Now, though, the offer is much closer to $1M and $1B. 

To help offset the price difference, B&amps offer includes a one-time $100 gift card to the Zales website. 

I also received a $50 gift card for my birthday. 

If you purchase the ring from B&ams website, you will also get the exclusive Zales ring design, exclusive to B&amarmes site. 

All the pieces are available for purchase on the B&AM website for $2.99. 

However, the B &amp.m. offer is the exclusive item for those who purchase the Zale ring online. 

And as you can see, it’s still $1 to purchase. 

That’s because the ring will not be sold through BAM online.