Pandora Promise Rings are now available for purchase at Pandora website

In a move that’s sure to raise a few eyebrows, a Reddit user has gone all-in on the new Pandora promise ring.

As you might expect, this is a ring subscription service. 

Pandora promised to give subscribers exclusive Pandora gift cards and ring subscriptions as well as offer other cool perks for those who sign up.

The new Pandoras promised to offer a variety of gift cards, including a “sugar-free” one called “Pandora Sugar.” 

Here’s the list of the ring subscriptions: Pandoras Sugar Free Pantone Gold Maui Tiger Red Pineapple Red Coral Blue Gold Blue Pearl Black Gold Platinum Purple Gold Purple Coral Purposeful Purposesful Coral Pandoras Pink Pink Coral Green Purplish Purpurple Pink Sapphire Blue Black Diamond Purples Diamond Blue Sapphire Gold  The Pandoras ring subscription offer includes a gift card for a “golden brown” Pandora ring.

Here’s what the ring subscription offers look like: The pandora ring subscription includes a Golden Brown Pandora Ring. 

The golden brown Pandora ring is a gold ring with an engraved silver ring with a platinum center.

The ring includes a special, premium Pandora Sugar.

 A $100 gift card will be added to your Pandoras subscription.

This subscription includes a Golden Brown, Platinum, or Pink Pandora Gold Ring.

You can get a $10 gift card that includes a “Gold Panda Gold” ring.

If you are a subscriber who is new to Pandoras gift cards or ring subscriptions, the gift card is valid for a limited time.

The gift card can only be used once per subscription.