How Amazon’s promise ring light works

Google has developed a light that can read a promise ring to help people make more informed decisions about what to buy.

The light is a smart contact lens that uses an LED light to show what it is doing and how it is measuring the user’s face, and is designed to act like a smartphone camera, enabling users to read a message and make a decision.

The company has been working on the device for more than a year, and says it has already had customers tell them it makes their lives easier and makes them feel more secure.

The contact lens uses a specially developed algorithm to tell the wearer’s face exactly what the wearer is looking at, and it is also able to read the message accurately, as long as the wearer has the correct app installed.

“It’s a light-sensitive contact lens which makes sure that people can read messages, and this light can tell you if a message is coming from a person’s face,” said Matt Haughey, chief executive of the company.

“This is an incredibly powerful new tool to be able to make better informed choices about what you buy and when you buy it, without relying on the information people already have.”

People are often tempted to buy things and then regret it later when they realise they made a mistake.

That’s what this technology can do.

“For example, if you’ve got a problem with a product and you’re not sure whether the light you’re looking at is a phone, a TV or a computer, the promise ring can give you that extra sense of confidence that you’re making the right decision.”

Mr Haughi said the new contact lens would be available to buy at the end of October.

It will be available for £49.99, with a two-year contract.