Why the world is finally waking up to the dangers of ‘heart ring’ wear

People are wearing hearts around the world, but for some people, the trend is a little too dangerous.

From London to New York to Hong Kong, people are getting heart rings.

The problem is they’re getting ripped, and some people are not even wearing them.

Here are five ways you can protect yourself.1.

Never wear a heart ring.

Heart rings are just a simple ring with an attached pin.

They can be used for everything from health checkups to birthday parties, but they’re not really intended for anything more than jewelry and earrings.

It’s not the same as wearing a ring.

You can’t be wearing it around your neck when you’re in the office, or in your pocket when you are at home.

You shouldn’t even wear it to a date, a friend’s birthday party or to your boyfriend when you want to spend time with your significant other.2.

Wear a ring that isn’t made for your heart.

A ring that doesn’t look like the heart that belongs to someone you love is not really a heart, and it’s not a heart that can be worn.

There’s a reason why the word “heart” is never included in most health warnings.3.

Avoid the word heart.

It is a bad word to use in any setting where you’re trying to communicate with someone.

It can be seen as condescending, patronizing or patronizing.

It implies that the person you’re communicating with is somehow lesser than you, even though it’s a person you know and love.

The term heart is a euphemism for “heartbeat” and can be offensive.4.

Avoid using the word ring.

Ringing refers to making a sound with a device that is used to signal that someone has a pulse.

When someone rings you with their ring, it can be considered an indication that they are feeling well.

It may also mean they’re in a good mood, which can be helpful.5.

Be aware of other people’s health.

It could be a heart-related emergency that requires immediate attention.

Be wary of giving anyone a heart.

Your heart is not a tool to be used in a sexual act or for entertainment purposes.