How to buy a ring with the ring finger of a dead dog

The world’s best wedding ring fingers are hard to come by these days, but if you’re lucky, you can find them in the hands of a living person.

But if you don’t, how do you get one?

Here’s what you need to know about fingerrings and how to get one.

Read moreOn Monday, a family in China purchased a ring for their granddaughter, Liu, who had been diagnosed with a rare bone cancer.

The ring had a pair of fingerrings that belonged to Liu’s father, who died from lung cancer in the early 1990s.

When Liu’s mother, Zhang, and her husband, Chen, discovered the family’s love for the rings, they took the rings to a local jewelry store and purchased them.

The couple then sent them to a Chinese company in Beijing to be tested for cancer, according to a report in the China Daily newspaper.

The testing showed that the ring, which the family thought was from Liu, was actually from an older dog.

The dog had died of lung cancer after the family took it home, and when Liu’s family asked the company about the ring being from her father, the company said the ring was from a dog who had recently died.

The company tested the ring to confirm that it was the original and asked the family to keep the ring and its owner anonymous, the report said.

The ring was shipped to the family in November, according the report.

The family did not disclose that the dog was their daughter, but according to The Washington Post, the dog belonged to a family of five that had lived in Beijing.

After their daughter’s diagnosis with lung cancer, the family asked to have the dog’s ring returned, the paper said.

In November, the ring’s owner sent a letter to the Chinese embassy in Washington, D.C., asking for the company to refund the cost of the ring.

He wrote that he had asked the Chinese government to return the ring because of “the great affection the family has for this dog,” the report added.

The embassy declined to comment on the letter.

The Chinese embassy has not responded to requests for comment.

A Chinese family has returned a piece of a dog’s finger to its owner in BeijingThe dog’s owners say the dog used to love to play with the pieces, but after it was diagnosed with lung disease in 1996, the pet was diagnosed as having cancer, so the dog would play with pieces of the finger.

When the dog died, the owners sent the pieces to a nearby animal hospital for testing.

The dog had been living in the city of Zhejiang for a year when he died, according a report by China Daily.

After his death, the owner’s daughter brought the dog back to the hospital and the dog started playing with the items in his hand, the newspaper said.

When a dog owner was in the hospital, a staff member tried to help the dog, but the dog refused to go to the owner and was dead, according news reports in China.

The animal hospital at the time declined to say how the dog had gotten the dog to die, but a hospital spokesman said that he was “not aware of how this case got to this stage.”