Ringed octopuses are changing their name to ‘Moon Rings’ to better reflect their underwater habitat

The ringed ocean octopus has changed its name to the ‘Moon Ringed Octopus’ to reflect its underwater habitat, scientists said on Monday.

The ringed, pink octopus is native to the Gulf of Mexico, and was previously known as the Ringed Marine Acoustical Octopus.

“They were known as ringed marine octopus before we started to study them in more detail,” said Dr Paul Luechl of the California Institute of Technology.

“We can now see the diversity of octopodes in the Gulf, they are in many different habitats, they have diverse species, and we have a lot of data to back up that they are a diverse species.”

But what really struck me about the Ringing Marine Acoustic Octopus is that they have these very distinct ringed shapes and we were able to see this in the pictures we took.

“Researchers have been studying the octopod for years, but the new findings are significant because it is the first time they have shown the shape changes in its underwater environment.”

It’s a very novel feature of their biology that they’ve been able to identify the shape and size of their underwater habitats and they’ve shown this in a new way,” Dr Lueckl said.

The study was published in the journal Current Biology.______