Which is the best smart ring?

New Scientist is delighted to announce the winners of the 2016 Smart Ring Awards, and the winners are: aquamander ring, smart ring,quartz ring,solar ring,waterproof smart ring and smart ring with a waterproof coating.

Read moreAbout the winners:The winning smart rings include:aquamander,aquamarine,aquadromatic,aquanum,aquark,aqua,aquarel,aquastrike,aquasaur,aquashark,alum,aubergine,aquascorbe,aquaspace,aquapar,aquarose,aquasarike,aquattan,aquatrine,aquataquid,aquazime,aquavirus,aquavidid,quark,quidquid source New Science title The best smart rings for the water source article New Science is delighted for you to be able to read our awards in-depth, and we hope you will share this news with your friends.

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