When Emerald rings don’t work, buy a ring from the Apple Store

Google News article Apple’s ring app for iPhone and iPad is a big seller.

In September, it hit more than 9 million downloads and more than 20 million ring purchases, according to AppleInsider. 

In October, it reached more than 3.7 million ring orders. 

Emerald, which has a strong following of Chinese consumers, also recently added a ring app to the iPhone X and iPhone X Plus, according a tweet by the company. 

This is the third time in three months that Apple has added ring apps to its iPhones and iPads. 

The ring app on the iPhone and Apple Watch apps have also been added to the app store. 

Apple has a history of adding rings to the iOS store, but the iPhone ring app has never been a major hit. 

“It’s pretty obvious that they’ve added the ring app because people who are really into rings, they buy more,” said Ankit Rana, the head of product marketing at Bengaluru-based Ring, a company that makes the ring accessory.

“They’ve added that ring app.”

Rana said the ring ring app is not the only way people can order and buy rings from Apple. 

People can also order them on their phones and watch and wear them at events. 

Brick, a jewelry chain in India, recently announced it will soon offer a ring-order app for its customers, similar to what Apple is offering for its iPhone and watch apps. 

For Ring, the ring-app strategy has paid off.

It now has more than 5 million customers who have ordered the ring apps.

“We’ve got to make sure we’re doing our marketing properly to make this ring app a success,” Rana said.

“But the fact that we have more customers who are paying for the ring is a testament to Ring’s strategy.

It’s the right thing to do.” 

Rana added that Ring’s Ring App has attracted a good amount of attention from celebrities and brands. 

He said the company hopes to bring more apps and accessories to the store in the future.

“This is a very important step,” Rane said. 

Ring is also working on a ring accessory that is similar to the Ring app, including the Apple Watch Sport, according the Twitter feed of the company, which also lists the Ring app. 

Rane said the Apple Watch Sport is still in the design phase and is expected to ship in December. 

If you’re looking for an Apple Watch app, the Ring app is a good option, said Rana. 

With the addition of Apple Watch, Ring also is targeting the growing casual wear segment. 

According to Ring, casually wear was the biggest category for earrings and other jewelry at $3.2 billion in 2017. 

While Apple has yet to offer any apps for casino and card game play, the company has launched a number of apps that offer a range of different ways to play and win games. 

Another app, the Apple Card Game, offers a way to win cash or buy items at casinos and card games.