How Apple’s new ring of light will change your life, from the inside out

The ring of lights is a mysterious device designed to create a glowing ring around the user.

It’s also incredibly light—at less than one tenth of an ounce per square meter—which makes it a perfect fit for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7s.

This is an augmented reality app called Ring of Fire, a free, public beta version of which has already gone live on iOS devices.

Ring of fire uses an array of LEDs to reflect light from a circular array of rings around the phone.

Each ring is a unique color, and when the light hits it, the light reflects off the next ring.

It also works with rings that are made up of many different colors.

Apple’s first attempt at a ring of lighting, the Butterfly ring, used a ring-shaped reflector that made the light reflect off the surrounding ring.

Ring Of Fire, by contrast, is a ring that only contains a single color, a transparent, black ring.

Because the light is just one color, Ring of Lightning is much more efficient than the Butterfly Ring, with only a small amount of energy being consumed.

The ring’s transparent and black ring is also a good fit for the iPhone 7, which uses a round metal frame that’s rounded and curved on each side, making it a little easier to hold.

In comparison, the Ring of Light is a flat, square structure that has a few additional points of light, but that is also transparent and transparent black.

Apple has said the Ring Of Light is also much more durable than the previous Ring of Flames, which was just a simple LED ring.

The Ring of Flame used a metal ring to reflect the light off the device, and the RingOfLight uses a thin, transparent, transparent ring.

Both are available now for iOS devices, and both will be available to purchase for $99.

Apple previously released a prototype of the Ring and Light in 2014, and now it has a full-fledged, consumer-ready version of the device that can be purchased for just $79.

It looks a lot like the Butterfly rings that you see on Android phones, with a transparent white ring and a transparent black ring in between.

Ring is currently available for $89 on Google Play and $99 on Amazon.