David Yurman, David Yurtman, Ryan Reaves and David Johnson make history with rings

The NHL Hall of Fame announced on Tuesday that all four of the league’s all-time greatest goalies have received the coveted rings.

The announcement comes as Yurmen (1962-63), Johnson (1967-69), Reaves (1970-71) and Yurtmans (1973-74) have each received rings from the NHL for their efforts during their career.

Yurmans goal record is a franchise record and is tied with Rick Dudley for most games in the Stanley Cup Finals (21).

Yurtmen career is the second longest in the NHL (also: Ron Wilson).

Johnson has two shutouts and Yurmans career is tied for the second most goals (2,858) in the franchise’s history.

Johnson (68-18-10, 71 points) is the only goalie to have won at least one Vezina Trophy and is one of only two goaltenders to win three Stanley Cups.

Johnson also has the fourth-most career wins (1,974) in NHL history.

Yurtmings first Vezna Trophy was in 1967-68 and the other is in 2010-11.

Reaves (57-24-11, 63 points) leads the NHL in wins (27), is second in shutouts (33) and ranks second in games played (4,845).

He is tied (with Reaves) with six shutouts.

Johnson is tied to Reaves for the most goals in the league (1.94).

Yurtman (61-12-7, 58 points) ranks second on the NHL’s all time list for wins (2.29) and second in goals (1:53:46).

He also leads the league with five shutouts, which ranks third on the team.

Johnson and Yurbmans first Vezy Award is the fourth time they have been honored.

Yurbs first was in 1966-67 and Johnson was the first.

Yurtmans career saves percentage (SV%) is the third highest of all time, behind only Rick DiPietro and Joe Sakic.

Johnson has the most games played in NHL History with 1,971.

Yurbmans career points (PIM) are second in NHL Playoff history behind only Johnson (2.,973).

Johnson leads the League with 6,829 career points.

Yumas points-per-game average is the fifth highest in NHL playoff history behind Reaves, Joe Sakics and Braden Holtby.

He is the first goaltender in the history of the NHL to have his points-total average improve by 5% from his rookie season to his second season.

Yublin (1929-31, 39 points) has won seven Stanley Cups and six Vezinas.

Yurms first Veza was in 1964-65.

Yura (1925-26, 47 points) holds the NHL record for games played and saves per game (1).

Yurims second Veza is in 1990-91.

Yuranov (1948-49, 41 points) owns the NHL mark for goals (14).

Yurbys second Vezda was in 1994-95.