A ’90s pop idol rings back, and a new pop star rings in

On February 11, 1986, “the Beatles” returned to the concert circuit, and for the first time since the Beatles’ 1964 world tour, they would play a sold-out show in the city that would eventually become the “St. James’ arena.

The Beatles, who were already in the midst of their most successful tour of their career, were thrilled.

It was an amazing show. “

We had no idea,” Lennon told Rolling Stone magazine, “but we’re really happy.

It was an amazing show.

It really was an emotional experience.

We just loved it.”

The concert drew over 12,000 fans.

A year later, Lennon was still a superstar, but in a different kind of way.

“It was the biggest concert I’ve ever seen,” he told Rolling Stones magazine.

“You couldn’t see a man at that concert, and I was the only man in the crowd.

And he was singing, ‘Don’t look at me like that, don’t look like a man.'”

And it wasn’t just Lennon who was looking for inspiration.

After the show, the band would play another sold-Out show at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

It would be the first of the “We Can’t Stop” tour, which would culminate in a sold out show in Los Angeles in 1989.

On the first night of the tour, Lennon performed the Beatles song “I’m a Man.”

His rendition was one of the most beloved in rock history, as fans flocked to see him perform his hit song.

“I was standing in the front row, and somebody came up to me and said, ‘Lennon, this is the greatest thing I’ve seen.’

And I said, `That’s not the greatest I’ve heard,’ and I started laughing.

It’s not a good look to do something like that.”

After performing the song, Lennon, who would later describe it as his “favorite song of all time,” turned to a microphone and said to the crowd, “You know what this is?”

Then he sang, “I am the man.

I am the rock.

I’m the rock.”