‘Worst thing ever’: Kendra Scott and the man who made her dream ring come true

KENDRA SCOTT, who made a life for herself in the gay community, has never given up hope of finding her dream man.

She says she wants to find him.

In her new book, “Love in the Age of Trump”, she recounts her time living in New York with a man who, when she was 15, was gay and her parents broke up with him.

She found a man she fell in love with at a gay bar called Kevin.

But when she met him, she had to wait three years to get married.

Kevin’s first name was Kevin, and his last name was Scott.

“I’ve been thinking about that man ever since,” she says.

Kevin, now 28, now lives in New Jersey, and is a successful real estate developer.

He was happy with the arrangement but eventually came out as gay.

Kendra, now 33, was born and raised in London.

Her parents divorced when she left for college and she and her mother moved to Chicago.

She moved back to London in 2008, and Kevin became her partner.

She says Kevin’s first kiss was at the wedding of her friend.

Kevin and Kendra met at a party in 2008.

They were married in 2012.

They had three children.

But when they were in London, Kevin and Kendras got engaged.

They were married again in August 2017.

They met again in London in 2018 and had a baby girl, Lily.

But then in February 2019, Kevin came out.

He says he was worried that he would lose the support of his family.

“When I came out to my parents, they were very upset, but I thought it would be easier for them to accept me,” he says.

“My family is very supportive and supportive of me.”

But Kevin says that was not the case.

“It was very hard for them.

They are very supportive, but they are not supportive of my life.”

He was told by his parents, who are gay themselves, that they would not accept him in the same way that they accepted Kendra.

“They told me, ‘You are not worth this.’

It’s very hard.

I didn’t understand it, but it was very, very difficult for them,” he explains.”

But I’m glad my parents are accepting of me and that’s something that I will take from them.”

The book, Love in the Ages of Trump, is available to read on Amazon.