When the pandora ring goes viral: Here’s what you need to know

When the world’s most popular fashion accessory became a viral hit last year, a Reddit user was surprised to find out that pandora rings had become a hit with women, too.

The Redditor, who goes by TheMadMan, told Mashable, “This is my first time hearing about pandora and it’s a huge surprise to me, as I have never been aware of this.”

TheMadman, a 36-year-old New York-based designer who goes under the name “the Madman,” explained to Mashable that pandoras ring was a “cool” way to go, because “it’s a cool ring that doesn’t need to be taken off.

It’s not an accessory, it’s something that’s worn by people.”

A lot of women who wear rings are interested in being able to wear them without being embarrassed, and theMadMan said he thought pandora was a good opportunity to reach women.

“I wanted to make a ring that women who were into the fashion industry, fashion nerds, fashion designers, women who love pandoras, could wear,” he said.

“Women are a big part of the fashion world and we all know what happens to the men who don’t have a passion for fashion.”

When he started the “Madman” project, TheMadMen first thought about the ring design and the pandoras’ popularity and decided to create a ring with the ring on one side and a panda’s head on the other.

TheMad’s website also featured a photo of the two pandoras together, with the image saying, “The Madman is the creative mastermind behind pandora.

He is not just the designer of the ring, he is the designer behind pandoras designs and the ring.

He has designed and manufactured the ring and its accessories.”

He then shared a video of the design with the reddit community, and soon after, the subreddit r/pandoras started taking notice.

“It was like, ‘Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this,'” TheMad told Mashup.

“And I thought to myself, ‘I need to do this.'”

A few days later, he posted the photo on Reddit and it quickly went viral.

“The whole Reddit community was so supportive, people were so supportive,” TheMad said.

“[Redditors] just wanted to know what I was up to and how I was doing, and that really helped me to be more aware and more curious.”

Reddit users noticed the ring was different than the one worn by other celebrities.

“We were able to track down the source of this ring, and we also found that the rings designs are inspired by real life, which was really cool,” TheMan said.

He explained that while most pandoras design are simple and straight out of a fashion magazine, theMad was inspired by pandora because he said it reminded him of the time when he had a pandora necklace and he couldn’t wear it.

“My inspiration is the same because the panda designs are so iconic,” The Mad said.

As the pandoras popularity increased, so did the interest in pandoras rings.

“A lot of the people that are on Reddit that were like, I love pandora but I can’t wear the ring because I’m too hot, or I’m not a girl and I want a pandora, they wanted to be able to be like, oh, they can wear this, or they can get a pandorah to wear it,” TheTheMad said, adding that “there were people who were like I can wear the pandoretas ring and I can even wear the pandoretas, or it can just be a regular ring, but I’m just not the girl that can wear it.”

He said he noticed a “huge spike” in the demand for pandoras and that people started sending him photos of themselves wearing pandoras.

TheRedditors “thought it would be really cool to see me wearing it, so I sent them pictures of me wearing the pandori rings and they thought it would just be cool,” he added.

Within two days, the pandorus ring had nearly 2,000 votes, with users from all over the world sharing the photo with their own responses.

“They were super excited, because they had never seen a pandoras panda before, and they had no idea it was such a popular thing,” TheMad said.

The pandoras popularity has not been limited to just Reddit, though.

TheMans “Mad” has also had the chance to work with celebrities, too, and has even started a clothing line with her.

“In February, I started a line with celebs who are not just famous but who are doing really cool stuff and who are selling the pandoran rings to help support the pandoria movement,” The mad said.

Her clothing line, called “Panda Ties,” will sell her own custom-made panda-