How to make a selfie ring with silicone rings

When you’re on the go, wearing a pair of shiny and sexy silicone rings is the next best thing.

These are small and lightweight silicone rings with a little bit of glamour and a hint of style.

But what about if you want something that looks a little more serious?

A selfie watch can be a little awkward and expensive to make, but these silicone rings can be just the thing you need.

Selfie watch rings are made of silicone and they look good.

The silicone rings have a unique shape that is perfect for selfies.

A silicone ring light is an easy way to make your own.

You can buy a silicone ring, which is just a metal ring with a light at one end, and a light ring at the other.

There are a variety of silicone rings available, but our favorite is the “selfie” silicone ring.

Selfies are pretty fun to make and the best part is that they’re cheap to make.

The only thing you’ll need to buy are a few silicone rings and a small light.

You’ll need about two to three silicone rings for your ring light.

When you get your light ring, attach it to the light, and then put the silicone ring inside.

This will give your light a nice glow.

The light can be attached to a phone, a ring on a wrist, a necklace, or any other accessory you like.

Once you’re happy with the glow, take your ring out of the light and put it inside your ringlight.

This light will create a beautiful glow around your ring.

Now, you’re ready to start making your own silicone ring lights.

You’re going to need: A light ring A silicone rings to make the ring lights A little bit more silicone (we like a little extra) A piece of string that you can use to attach your light to your ring Light thread, or a wire You’ll also need: a piece of wire to hang your light from your ring to the ringlight (optional) A silicone thread to attach the light to the end of your ring Your light can also be attached via a small loop, a string, or even an elastic band.

There is no rule about how long the light should be on your ring or what size it should be.

The length of the elastic band or the thread should match the length of your light.

Remember, your light should match your ring and the ring should match its light.

This is important, because your light will look different from one ring to another.

If you want to make this light a little bigger than you would use for your actual ring, try attaching a few extra pieces of string to your light instead of your string.

You could even make the light longer than the light is wide.

You should use a long string that will attach your ring as far as possible to the plastic ring.

When your light is attached to your plastic ring, you can hang your ring from your light in two different ways: by tying a piece or by tying the light in a loop.

The second option is ideal if you’re going for a little something extra.

We usually do not hang our light on a necklace or a bracelet.

We hang it on the ring so that it stays in the light.

If your ring has a ringlight that’s too big, you might want to cut out a piece that will fit the light so it’s just a small piece of ring.

Then tie your light around the ring with the light loop and hang the ring on your light’s light loop.

Then, use a small string to attach it.

Make sure your light loop is long enough to go around the entire ring and not just the ring light itself.

Tie the light around each of the four sides of your rings and hang it up on the light’s loop.

This way, the light will stay in the ring even if the light light gets broken.

Make a photo with your ring in the middle of your room and then take it to a friend.

If he or she is a little younger than you, ask them to take a photo of you and your ring when you take your picture.

If they’re older, you should be able to find the photo of the two of you together in the photo album.

Make your own ring light and use it in your everyday life.

Here are some tips to help you make a perfect silicone ring: The easiest way to get started is to find a piece with a ring light attached to it.

You don’t need to get a lot of pieces, just something that fits your ring, so choose something that you don’t mind breaking.

If it’s not a ring that fits well, you could also try making a ring from a piece from a small necklace or bracelet.

When making your light, make sure it’s small enough that you’ll only use it once.

You might want some sort of hook to attach to the string so you can attach the string to a ring.

Make it so that the light ends at your light so