The Gucci Ring is a Ring of Lies

It’s a long story but in short, it’s about the Gucci ring that got its name from the slogan that came out of a Gucci advert, which has now been parodied on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The phrase was a reference to a previous ad campaign for the Guccis which showed a man in a Gucci ring wearing a pair of jeans.

The idea of the ring came from a conversation between Gucci’s chief executive, Alessandro Michele, and the singer-songwriter James Brown, who said, “It’s a very good ring”.

The ring’s creator, Gucci, responded by saying that it was “not Gucci but a joke”.

The ad has been lampooned on The Colbert Report and on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

since, and is a common way for brands to sell themselves, or in this case, a Guillamé ring.