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Engagement ring

Engagement ring

Choosing an engagement ring is not easy. This is why you will find our tips below to help you in your approach.

What are the different types of engagement rings?

There are a wide variety of Engagement rings, and their variety is limited only the imagination of jewelers and their customers! However, most models can cling to one of the following categories:

Solitaire: The bezel is set with a single stone in the center. It is the choice of the most classic and most common.

Solitaire supported: The mount is set with a stone in its center. The latter is enhanced by several stones side, whose dimensions are smaller than the central stone.

Trilogy: The bezel is set with three stones, usually diamonds - the same size.

What gems can crimp an engagement ring?

The engagement ring is usually set with diamonds, but it can also be set with precious stones (ruby, sapphire and emerald) and a mixture of diamonds and gemstones. In addition to the preferences, the choice may be determined by each symbolic stones: diamond symbolizes eternal love, ruby victory, happiness, love and passion, and finally sapphire sincerity, happiness and loyalty. Attention gemstones are much more fragile than diamonds and require more care to use.

Which carries the engagement ring?

The engagement ring, as the covenant of marriage, usually focuses on the ring finger of the left hand. Most often, the alliance is inserted before the engagement ring.

Which material to choose for an engagement ring?

The engagement ring is usually white gold yellow gold or platinum. We may also favor platinum for its qualities shine and resistance. It is customary that the engagement ring is the same color as the wedding ring. It is however not a requirement and it is now not uncommon to mix types of metals. A compromise can be achieved by selecting an alliance bicolor which can then marry an engagement ring in white or yellow metal.

Shades of white gold and platinum are very close. Thus, we can easily combine a wedding ring in white gold and platinum engagement ring (or vice versa). Care should be taken to properly maintain its white gold jewelry since the gradual disappearance of rhodium tends to create a difference in nuance between the two jewels.

What is the quality of gold used?

Regarding the gold used, whether white, yellow or pink, the titration will be selected generally 18 carats (75% pure gold), which is preferred in particular gold plated or gold 9 carats (37.5% pure) or gold plated. It is also the only quality of gold sold by Carat & Me.

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How to choose the engagement ring?

As for the wedding ring, the morphology of the hand may have an impact on the choice of the engagement ring. Thus, people whose fingers are long and slender often prefer an engagement ring close to the body while a person with thicker fingers choose a larger model.

How do I burn my engagement ring?

The engagement ring is usually not engraved. Only wedding rings are.

Can I choose the engagement ring with my friend (s)?

In the past, the engagement ring was chosen by the groom to the bride and offered at a "formal request". Even though it is still often the case, there is a now new behavior. Thus, the "official request" is no longer routinely performed. In addition, a large number of brides and grooms choose the engagement ring together.

What is the budget for an engagement ring?

The engagement ring is usually funded by the groom or the groom's family. The budget for the engagement ring is a recurring theme in the bridegroom. There is no rule in the matter and the groom will choose within its means and its constraints. Beyond the budget will largely ensure that the engagement ring meets the expectations of the bride. However, as an indication, it quite common that the budget for the engagement ring is two months’ salary of the groom.