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Achieve its own rings

Achieve its own rings

Achieve its own rings is a fun activity, fast and accessible to all. Cendrine Armani gives us some tips for successful beaded jewelry.

Why make her rings yourself?

This is a good way to have matching ring for girl in each of her outfits. This also brings statisfaction to have made yourself. There is also the cost factor because it is not to expensive and you get something completely different from what is usually found in jewelry. Moreover, it can make very nice gifts!

What equipment is needed?

Must obviously beads. The ideal is to build up a stock of seed beads or metal beads and choose some fancy glass, crystal or wood, of all sizes and all shapes. Then it takes over. It also uses nylon - very strong - or metal wire, which is much more rigid. The drawback is that the metal has a tendency to break. In this case, you can mix the two. Finally, we need a small pair of scissors for very pointy, like embroidery scissors. Found all this material in craft stores and in supermarkets.

What are the qualifications?

There is not really, because it is an activity accessible to everyone, even children. The essential thing is to want. Of course, it takes a certain sense of color, because the harmony of colors is important. And it is better to be careful because we work across the finger. This may be difficult to pass several times over in the same pearl, especially when small. As for clothing, it is not difficult, just follow the diagrams. It will take between fifteen minutes and an hour to make your ring.

Tips for beginners ...

Let your inspiration and confidence do you have the choice of colors. Light is essential, therefore I recommend to work in the morning, when natural light is best. For your convenience, buy a box with small compartments. This allows you to sort beads by color. To choose colors, place the beads next to each other before putting them on because they reflect them. This allows to realize if harmony is successful. Work on a white surface, to bring out the different colors. Do not overlook the finish: choose the well-calibrated and well finished. Start and finish the ring to a place where you will not see the node, that is to say in the body of the jewel. Finally, once the wire cut off and if the little bit that exceeds even picnic, go over a small tip clearcoat.