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Gold ring and Diamond

Gold ring and Diamond

How to choose a gold ring and diamond?

If you have decided to succumb to a gold ring for girl and diamond solitaire form or marvel composed of a succession of bars, we can only congratulate you on your excellent choice. Indeed, the beauty of the gold and the magnificence of the diamond give this extraordinary jewel incomparable elegance. To complete your purchase, here are some tips.

  • A jeweler gemologist

If one were to give one piece of advice, it is unquestionably one: please contact for purchasing a jeweler, an expert in gemology and mastered the different characteristics of the diamond. You locate the model of your dreams in the window or on the website of the jewelry, do not hesitate to make contact with the specialist.

  • Rule 4C

All experts agree to tell. Firstly, the choice of the color of gold - white gold, rose gold or yellow gold - will be based on your desires, your nature and your complexion. Then, the selection of the diamond based on four criteria. This is the 4Cs: Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity which are reflected in the size, weight, purity and color.
The perfection of the size of the diamond depends on its brightness. The carat is the weight of the diamond. As for its purity, it is measured on a scale that identifies the inclusions present in the diamond. The color is also classified by a scale which plays an important role in the value of the diamond.

Rings Gold and Diamonds for girl are pieces unique style, straight from the inspiration and creativity of our master jeweler.
Whether to capture a magical moment, declare your love to your beloved or simply everyday wear jewelry whose beauty and originality will give you a remarkable style, rings for girl in gold and diamonds Diamonds  will be there to fulfill all your desires.